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The FABTEX Story

Fabtex, since serving its first customer in 1986, has become one of the largest fabricators of American made bed coverings and window treatments for the hospitality, cruise, healthcare and government industries. The company is successful because it analyzes, researches and identifies with its customers to deliver quality products that surpass client expectations. Fabtex believes American made products are the kindest to the planet and of the highest quality. No other country in the world protects the water and the air with such diligence.

Fabtex established manufacturing operations in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California to best serve its customers. The largest orders can be produced in optimum time by bringing one or more identical factories on line with a flex pool of fabricators and installers, all trained to avoid disruption for guests. Fabtex produces most of its proprietary decorative fabrics at North America locations based near its bedding and drapery fabrication centers. This proximity results in energy, shipping and delivery savings, along with good label practices.

Revolutionary Widths: Fabtex manufactures the widest bolts - 118 inches - eliminating seams on custom bedspreads and window treatments. Designers have much more flexibility and cleaner design results. There is little opportunity for waste. Any extra material can be used for tie-backs, pillows or other warm touches.

The Fabtex Focus: The Fabtex family concentrates on four areas of design industry expertise by leading the way in Hospitality, Healthcare and Contract fabric design, fabrication and installation. Green, the fourth area, is a common ethos.

Who We Are

Evolving Family of Brands:

The Fabtex family's four outstanding brands - Spec-Tex, FabriLux, Pure Shade and FabriSafe - give testimony to the company's axiom, "Perfecting Textile Technology". Each brand represents scientific and technological industry breakthroughs, durability and ease of maintenance. Each Fabtex brand also surpasses today's exacting regulatory requirements.

Our Representatives Go The Distance:

Fabtex sales representatives have extensive experience in the textile design industry. They are cross trained to help customers access the full complement of Fabtex brands. They understand the requirements of customer teams, their interior design firms and the importance of developing and protecting signature design themes.


Spec-Tex enhances the tradition of luxury textile making while embracing today's latest technology. Its fabrics are produced in unparalleled widths of 118 inches that inspire designers to repeat patterns in ways never thought possible. Deeply saturated colors provide exceptional privacy and all materials are treated with FabriSafe, the most powerful, yet gentle, microbe protection available.

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FabriLux textiles are the choice of hospitality, healthcare and corporate clients when fabrics must be beautiful and contemporary, yet perform far beyond the surface. FabriLux meets the most exacting requirements for aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, cost effectiveness and the fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

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Pure Shade

Pure Shade is the sustainable motorized window treatment system based on NASA's perfection of solar regenerating energy. Pure Shade operates off the grid and gives hotels and hospitals programmable control of room environments, reduction of heating and cooling costs and greater guest comfort while freeing staff from having to adjust draperies and black-out curtains.

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FabriSafe exceeds the most exacting requirements of the hospitality and hotel industries, gentle FabriSafe is the most powerful, effective and environmentally friendly microbe protection available for textiles. This revolutionary product eradicates viral and bacterial microrganisms, is long lasting and has the toxicity of Vitamin C.

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