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Quilted Coverlet

In 30 years of serving the hospitality industry, Fabtex, Inc. has made over ten million custom quilted bedspreads. Our three plants, all based here in the United States, each contain state of the art equipment and highly skilled personnel devoted to making top-quality custom bedcoverings.

While our competitors sourced off shore production lines, we invested in our plants and people here at home- Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California. This commitment allows use to give our customers better lead-times and substantially higher quality levels, all at pricing that continues to lead the industry.

The following pages detail the extensive range of options available in custom bedding. As you will begin to see, your choices are endless. Overwhelmed? Give us a call and talk with one of our bedding specialists. Let us create the bedding package that will keep your budget on track and your guests raving for many years to come.



Side and foot drops are to the floor, typically 21” - 23”


Side and foot drops to cover a few inches below mattress, typically 13” - 15” (use with bedskirt).

Duvet Cover

Drops can be any length (USE WITH DUVET INSERT).



The style designates the look of the bedspread. After the fabric selection, this is the most important consideration in determining the look of the finished product.


Made with bell (rounded) corners at foot.

Fitted With Quilted or Unquilted Tongues

Tongues should be 18” wide with 9” sewn under bed coverings at corners of mattress at foot of bed on each side. Side drops are faced to prevent “grinning” of lining.

Fitted Closed Corner

Waterfall Fitted

Waterfall 12” of side drop sewn under covers at corners of mattress at foot of bed. Joining should be at corners of top edge of mattress and not sewn through cover. Inside of drops should be double faced so the backing does not show.

Fitted With Unquilted Kick Pleats



Several considerations are required in the selection of a face fabric other than pattern and color. Fiber content will determine the “feel” and “look.” Avora, Avora hybrids and unbranded polyester have reached wide acceptability in the marketplace and offer many practical considerations such as washability and color retention. Other attributes of various base cloths, such as weight, texture, construction, etc… all contribute to the cost of fabric as well as the suitability for bedcovering application. Some fabrics may not be appropriate for bedspreads and coverlets. Consult your Fabtex representative for details.



Filling weight should be calculated in 48” lineal yards. Bonded polyester is normally used for commercially quilted bed coverings, 5 to 14 oz. It is difficult on 54” fabrics to make the proper width on a queen with more than 6 oz fill using 2 widths of fabric. Hand guided or outline quilted covers should use 8 to 14 oz filling. 100% polyester low melt, which does not contain resin and which will meet most FR codes, is available as an option.



The content, quality and construction of the backing are critical to the longevity of the bedspread. The Fabtex standard is a preshrunk 70/30 poly/cotton blend (63 x 37 count) designed to be compatible with all face fabrics in use today. A high count 78/44 poly/cotton preshrunk lining is available. These backings do not have back fill or sizing which can cause problems. Options include 100% polyester Avora, 100% hybrid FR polyester or wide colored linings.



The pattern is matched as the 54” fabric is joined with a 5 thread safety stitch. It is then quilted on a wide computerized lock stitch machine. Pre-seamed bed coverings are far superior to post-seamed bed coverings. Stitch popping and seam slippage are far more likely when using post-seamed bed coverings. Always insist on pre-seamed, wide computerized quilted bedspreads and coverlets.



Wide width fabrics (126”) are available in polyester fabrics. The patterns are more limited and some size constraints such as less pillow tuck should be considered. Note: The standard 126” wide fabric is not FR. Check with your Fabtex representative about the availability of FR wide goods.



Fabric is shown on both sides and quilted on both sides with coordinated colored bobbins and finished edge (edging can be banded or with welt).



Single needle hem 1” lock stitched through quilting prevents hem from unraveling while creating a 1” self-welt look.


Blind stitch hem is optional, although is not recommended for bedspreads.



Commercial quilting designs are normally used in guest rooms, outline quilting is generally used in suites or guest rooms in deluxe properties. Note: The selection of the Channel Quilt Pattern is to be considered with caution. Bedspreads using channel are subject to “grow” with laundering.


A selection of quilt patterns can be viewed in the following section of this book. If you do not find a pattern you like in the selection following, consult your Fabtex representative. All quilt patterns in the marketplace are available from Fabtex.



#23 nylon multi-filament is recommended. The Fabtex standard is to coordinate thread color with primary colors in the face fabric. Monofilament thread is generally used for Outline Quilting.



Top corners are mitered to create a finished appearance as well as a more durable bedcover.



Welt Cord is available (1/4” through 1” Jumbo) for applications on top and/or bottom edges. For welting on the top edge of the bedspread we recommend double 1/4” welt so as to retain pattern match and integrity of the bedspread. OTHER as specified.



An allowance added to cover the pillow.

Economy:              15”

Standard:               18”

Double Stack:        30”

Reverse Sham:      36”



The designations Twin/Twin XL/Full/Full XL/Queen/King/California King are a starting point. Actual measurements (in inches) are necessary because of variation in bedding standards. The drop is particularly important as it has been changing in recent years due to mattress thickness increases. The three measurements required are as follows:


Specified Width x Length x Height Of Mattress


Width x Length x Height Of Box Spring


Width x Length x Height Of Bed (including frame)



FULL LENGTH                BEDSPREAD                                COVERLET

TWIN                           39” x 75” x 21”                       39”x 75” x 12-13”

TWIN XL                      39” x 80” x 21”                       39” x 80” x 12-13”

DOUBLE                      54” x 75” x 21”                       54” x 75” x 12-13”

DOUBLE XL                  54” x 80” x 21”                       54” x 80” x 12-13”

QUEEN                        60” x 80” x 21”                       60” x 80” x 12-13”

CAL KING                     72” x 80” x 21”                       72” x 80” x 12-13”

CAL KING LONG          72” x 84” x 21”                       72” x 84” x 12-13”

DUAL KING                  78” x 80” x 21”                       78” x 80” x 12-13”

EASTERN                     76” x 80” x 21”                       76” x 78” x 12-13”


MURPHY BEDS (VARY IN SIZE) - Submit dimensions and request quote.


IMPORTANT - All beds vary in width, length and drop and must be field measured.



Fitted bedspreads with open corners require a gusset. This may be quilted or unquilted. Contrasting fabrics may also be used. Properly made gussets should be 18” wide. This is also called a tongue.



Corner similar to gusset style fitted but the sides are joined to drop panels.

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