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Dust Skirts

A simple treatment known by many names: Bed Skirts, Dust Skirts and Dusters. Bed Skirts are an important piece of a complete bedding package.

Bed Skirts cover the lower portion of a bed, adding a finishing touch to your guest room layout. Several designs are available, from the simple texture of a quilted bed skirt, to the clean crisp lines of box pleated edges, we have something to fit your design and budget.

Many options are available to tailor this custom treatment to each bed design. Fitted sheet bottom, fitted cap, elastic band corner, and sewn down pleats are just a few of the sophisticated options Fabtex can provide when designing Dust Skirts for your next hospitality project.



Gathered on all 3 sides of the drops with 200% fullness unless otherwise specified.


2 Pleat - One pleat at each bottom corner.

5 Pleat - Five inverted pleats on the Queen and King. One at the center of side drops, one at each bottom corner, and one in the middle of the foot drop. Twin and Double sizes do not have a pleat in the bottom drop.

11 Pleat - Eleven inverted pleats on the Queen and King. Three at the center of side drops, one at each bottom corner, and one in the middle of the foot drop. Twin and Double sizes only have two pleats in the bottom drop.

Box Pleat

Continuous box pleats on all 3 sides of the drops. Size of the pleats to be 10”, 8” or 6” in width.

Channel Quilted

Skirt side and bottom quilted with 4" channel pattern. Made with a 6 ounce fill and poly/cotton backing.



Standard: 70/30 polyester/cotton (78/44 count).



Decking should be 70/30 polyester/cotton (78/44 count) without sizing or backfill.



Bottoms should be single needle lock-stitched to prevent unraveling.



All dust skirts should have 4” platform strips so decking does not show if mattress slips.



Standard: 4” platform strips on 3 sides made from skirt fabric.



Width and length of box spring plus drop which is normally 13-14”. Many times box springs are narrower than mattresses, therefore it is important that they are measured.


Drops should be 1/2” to 1” off the floor.



Fitted Sheet Style Bottom: This is a 4 sided cap that covers the box spring with 1/2” elastic on all four sides and is sewn to the decking and behind the drop of the dust skirt.

4” Fitted Cap: Decking extends over top of bed and closes top corner to minimize slippage. Note: Exact mattress sizes are a must when using a fitted cap.

Corner Elastic Bands: 1” Elastic bands across each corner of dust skirt to attach under corners of box spring.

Sewn Down Pleats at Top 1 1/2”



Many hotels use T Pins or upholstery pins effectively, attaching platform strips to box springs. Velcro can also be used as another option.

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