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Cornice Boxes

Cornice boxes add architectural interest and make the ceiling appear higher. Correctly positioned, they can fool the eye into thinking a window is larger than it really is, hide imperfections in a wall, or conceal the headrail of an under treatment. Additionally, a properly designed cornice box adds functionality by blocking light around the top edge and cornice of any window treatment; draperies, blinds, solar shades, and the list goes on.

In the 18th century, elaborate gilded or carved cornice boards topped fashionable windows. They were made of plaster or wood. Today, this style of top treatment is much simpler. Cornices are still considered a hard treatment, now are made of wood that is then painted, or padded and upholstered with fabric. They can be boxy, arched or shaped into scallops, or have squares or triangles cut into the bottom edge.

A cornice is a shallow, box-like structure, usually made of wood, which is fastened across the top of a window to conceal the drapery hardware.


15/32” OSB (oriented strand board).


1 ½” fiber is anchored to the wood.


Medium size welting is used when applicable.


Pattern matched and single lock stitched.

Lining (standard):

54” polyester in the color oyster; inherently flame retardant lining covers the inside and the top of the cornice box.


+ / - ½” in length

+ / - 1” in width

All cornice boxes are custom made and can be ordered any size to adapt to any situation.

All cornice box fabrics are tabled and pattern matched to ensure that every cornice has only the highest level of quality.

Vertical striped patterns are sewn railroaded to ensure the integrity of the design.

All stitching is performed with lock stitching sewing machines.

Specify standard 1”, 3 ½”, or 6” returns.

Add at least 4” to rod face of under treatment to get the board face.


54” linings are available in inherently flame retardant 3 pass suede blackout material or inherently flame retardant polyester lining which covers the inside and the top of the cornice box. Specify if the cornice box is to be self-lined, polyester lined, or blackout lined. Standard cornice box lining is polyester in the color white.


All cornices are marked with a finished size and a California Title 19 Fire Marshal identification label for easy top treatment identification.

Quality Control

All cornices are quality checked and placed in clear plastic bags before being placed in heavy duty corrugated boxes.