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Ripple-Fold is a trademark name for rolled-pleat drapery construction whereby the pleating in the fabric is achieved through the spacing of the carriers. This clean, simple style drapery is popular among architects and designers. Modern in appearance, Ripple-Fold draperies have the advantage over other styles as they have the same appearance from either side. However, due to the way they hang below the track, a full top treatment is required if complete room darkening is desired.



Straight needled with nylon snap tape. Fullness determined by spacing between snap-tape. Specify 220%, 200%, 180% or 160%.


Standard: Face fabric is double turned at top. Note: Face fabric is exposed at back top of drapery for 4”.

Custom: Lining should be extended to the top of the drapery before folding over the buckram.

Available Linings

2-Pass Blackout: Flame retardant 2-pass blackout lining with foam on one side and 70% polyester / 30% cotton on the other side. White or Ecru on the foam side and gray on the poly/cotton side.

3-Pass Blackout: Flame retardant 3-pass blackout lining with both foam and 70/30 poly-cotton sides. White or Ecru on the foam side and White on the poly/cotton side. Colors on the face are available. Contact our sales department for more information.

Side Hems

1.5” double turned


Square covered weight sewn on each seam and corner of face fabric.


Standard 3 1/2”, 6” for double rod treatments and 9” for 3-rod system.


Sew closures at bottom hems using a Bonis Brothers Sewing Machine.

Fan Fold

Drapery to be fan folded, packed in poly bag and boxed. The drapery will be labeled with area and/or room number. Drapery “dressing” is part of installation. Creasing during shipping is unavoidable. Steaming may be required. Proper installation requires breaking of the buckram in between each pleat.

Snap Attachment

Snap tape spaced at 4.25” on center is standard.


Standard 4” double turned top and bottom. On ceiling to floor lengths, seamless 118” sheer is recommended. There is a maximum finished length of 100” when using 118” sheer. 6 pleats per 60” fabric width. Covered weights at side hems and seams are standard.

Optional: Continuous covered weight for 118” sheers.

Note!!! Drapery sizes may vary +/- 1/2” in length.

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