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Roller Shading

Roller shading systems provide an excellent way to control light and glare. Modern, sleek, high performance, and cost effective, our shading systems are aimed to directly address the needs of your clientele.

A roller shade is a very simple affair when executed correctly. Structured in such a way where the components complement each other instead of fight one another, you have a solar shading system that is functional, beautiful, and will stand the test of time. A functional window treatment that adds to the whole room package without detracting from it.

Fabric selection is key! Fabtex offers a wide range of top notch fabrics with a color story that will amaze. Earth tones to vibrant hues, sheer to blackout, Fabtex has a fresh fabric solution for your unique spaces. 

Motorized Roller Shades are the most advanced and cost effective way to control interior environments for optimum energy efficiency and occupant comfort. In addition to eliminating the need to manually adjust heavy or hard-to-reach window coverings, Motorized Shades provide privacy while controlling sunlight, glare and UV rays.

Another benefit of motorization in a public setting is the minimization of maintenance. Manual shades require a physical touch and can therefore be operated improperly and even abused, leading to greater levels of wear and tear. On the other hand, a motorized shade is never touched by the user as its operation occurs across the room by pressing a button on a wall or a remote. It is because of this simple dynamic, motorized shades tend to last two to three times longer than their manual counterparts.

Taken to a greater degree, motorized shades connected to a central system not only reduce loads on HVAC and increase building efficiency, but add a touch of elegance and luxury to your guest’s experience. Imagine a non-occupied guest room: freshly cleaned, lights are off, thermostat is set to minimum levels, and windows coverings are closed to both thermally insulate and protect room treatments from harsh UV rays. Now, as a guest checks in, a button at the main desk is pressed that prepares the room for guest entry: lights come up, window coverings open to provide optimum views, and air conditioning comes on as the thermostat brings the room up to optimum comfort levels.