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Fauxwood Blinds

Fauxwood blinds are a great example of a product that combines the best of both worlds. They offer the beauty of natural wood with many attributes only found in their lighter long-wearing material. Fauxwood meets commercial flame-retardant requirements and offers much more. Its lighter weight and warp-free balance make Fauxwood ideal for smooth motorized applications where patients require quiet and in hard-to-reach areas where light control is essential.

These beautiful blinds are impervious to dampness, found around pools and baths, and strong Western sun exposure. Fauxwood blinds are no longer "the lesser alternative." Available in two slat widths and boasting four attractive finishes, they often offer the only total solution.

As standard a 3.5” Crown FR Valance complements the blind color and finish while covering the headrail and mounting bracket. Optionally select the 5.5” Ultra Crown FR Valance for those larger windows and spaces. Rich with texture and deep in colors, our Fauxwood collection leads the pack in style, durability, and quality.
Motorized blinds combine natural beauty with enhanced functionality and offer an excellent solution to control natural light. With the best tilting resolution control in the industry, a single blind, or a group of blinds can be controlled from a single remote and all align perfectly.

Ideal for hard to reach areas requiring light control, or scenarios that need a schedule to adjust the blinds automatically in a busy restraint environment, motorized tile motors combined with a wide array of control devices give you the options your business requires.

Quiet Operation
Solutions for motorized blinds include our premium offering of ultra-quiet operation ideal for patient and guest room settings.

Individual & Group Control
Motorized blinds offer flexibility so that your blinds operate according to your needs. Motorized blinds can be operated individually, together as a group or a combination of both options…instantly.

Battery Option
A completely wireless option that is battery-powered and eliminates the need for any wiring. Add an optional Solar Pack and create a maintenance-free and energy efficient solution!

Denser and thus heavier than tradition wood blinds, FR Fauxwood blinds are built with top of the line components to best withstand the rigors of commercial use. This includes heavy-duty metal and plastic components throughout. The Cord Tilter has a metal gear enabling a stronger and smoother rotation. When Wand Controls are selected, we equip the headrail with a Wand Tilting mechanism with a metal gear and stem making it the strongest tilter in the industry.


Polyester baked enamel – color coordinated

Phosphate treated steel – 2” wide x 1.5” tall

Wall thickness 0.018” (before paint)

Valance Options:

Royal Valance

3.25” Tall

Available in all Smooth and RealGrain colors

Barrington Valance

5.5” Tall

Available in all Smooth and RealGrain colors

Maximum width of a single valance = 9 feet

Flush Cut ends are available so that valances may be butted together; a seam will be visible


Standard for Inside Mount = 1.25”

Standard for Outside Mount = 3.5”

Smallest Available = 1.25”


Color Coordinated

Trapezoid shade for tight slat closure

Tilt Controls:

Cord Tilt Option

The gear and housing of the tilt mechanism are made of steel which allows the acetal thermoplastic wheel to rotate smooth and with minimal noise

Wand Tilt Option

The gear and stem mechanism are made of steel providing superior durability

The worm and gear is entirely enclosed inside an acetal thermoplastic housing

2.5” Fauxwood blinds are not available with a wand tilt option

Motorized Tilt Option

Battery Powered

RF Controlled

Handheld Remotes and Wireless Wall Switches available

Control Locations:

Available configurations

Standard: Tilter on Left Lift Cords on Right

Reverse: Tilter on Right Lift Cords on Left

Same Left: Tilter on Left Lift Cords on Left

Same Right: Tilter on Right Lift Cords on Right


Blinds less than 11” wide will have center tilt control with no lift mechanism

Blinds greater than 11” wide, up to 15” wide will have split controls; standard or reverse

Blinds greater than 15” wide may have same side or split controls

Lift Control:

Snap-in design incorporates a stainless steel wear guard over which cords pass

Incorporates a “Crash Proof” safety feature that locks the blind automatically upon release of cords

Other Headrail Channel Hardware:

Headrail components are made of combinations of metal and low friction acetal thermoplastic

Snap-in design of components allows for quick and easy repair if necessary

Cord Ladder:

Color Coordinated

Polyester braided cord ladders are designed to ensure proper control with adequate overlap of slats when in the closed position

Options include:

Standard & Routless

Cloth Tape (Privacy Ladder)

Vinyl Tape (Privacy Ladder)

Cord Ladder Spacing:

Maximum spacing between rout holes: 11”

Lift Cords: (Color Coordinated)

1.8mm Polyester braided cords designed for lifting and lowering the blind

Mounting Hardware:

Universal box brackets (color coordinated)

Center supports on blinds wider than 60”

Extension brackets (when requested)

Hold down brackets (when requested)

Size Recommendations:

Minimum Width 9”

Minimum Drop 9”

Maximum Width 96”

Maximum Drop 96”

NOTE!!! The sizes listed above are merely recommendations. Blinds may be ordered larger if required but may void warranty. Optional 2 or 3 blinds on a single headrail are available as well.

Cutout Specifications

The maximum allowed cut in width is 4.5”


PVC Resin (base material), Methyltin Mercaptide (stabilizer), Calcium Carbonate (filler), Titanium Dioxide (UV inhibitor), Methyl Methacrylate (lubricant), Ethylenebis (lubricant), Octabenzone (UV inhibitor).

RoHS Compliant - Lead Free

NFPA 701

Specialty Options

Standard L/R Controls – cord tilt only

Multi band headrails - 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 headrail blinds

Light gap between blinds on a single headrail is 0.125”

Maximum size is 144” wide and must be 3-on-1

Slanted Top “A” Frame Blinds

Brochure - FR Fauxwood Blinds
FR Fauxwood Blind brochure containing an introduction, motorization options, cut sheet breakdown, and specifications.
Updated: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 @ 02:43 PM
Cut Sheets - FR Fauxwood Blinds
FR Fauxwood Blind assembly details including parts descriptions, options, and diagrams.
Updated: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 @ 02:44 PM
Specifications - FR Fauxwood Blinds
Full Architectural Specification sheets detailing product options, details, and supplier duties.
Updated: Saturday, May 3, 2014 @ 09:37 AM
Specifications - FR Fauxwood Blinds
Full Architectural Specification sheets detailing product options, details, and supplier duties.
Updated: Saturday, May 3, 2014 @ 09:37 AM