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About Green

We recognize the importance of sustainability and encourage good stewardship throughout our facilities. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of sustainability possible.

All Fabtex manufacturing centers are Green Certified and the company continuously looks for creative ways to achieve sustainability from its textile fabrication processes to its office recycling. Fabtex takes great pride in the Greenguard certification of its fabrics. Awarded by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the Greenguard designation assures buyers the manufacturer has produced materials with low chemical emissions, improving the quality of air wherever the products are used.

Fabtex believes American made products are the kindest to the planet and of the highest quality. No other country in the world protects the water and the air with such diligence. Fabtex produces most of its proprietary decorative fabrics in North American facilities located close to its bedding and drapery fabrication centers. This proximity results in energy, shipping and delivery savings, along with good labor practices.