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About Healthcare

The healthcare industry is bringing the visual comforts of home to the patient's room and all public, treatment and outpatient service areas of healthcare institutions.

The revolution is happening with the design zeal and skill of the hotel industry in synch with the latest scientific ways to improve patient care. Two decades of evidence-based-design research has solidified the theory that people heal faster in a comfortable homelike environment with plentiful natural light. Fabtex with its nature-inspired privacy curtains, bedding, upholstery and window coverings, supports the healing properties of homelike, rather than clinical, surroundings.

The Pure Shade Revolution: Let there be light.

Scientific studies show the healing benefits of natural light and the Circadian Rhythm requires more natural light in hospital rooms. Pure Shade is the programmable, solar-motorized system based on NASA technology. Pure Shade benefits patients, saves energy and preserves staff time.