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Come meet the cast and crew of Fabtex, the hospitality industries’ largest manufacturer of bedding and draperies. We work to make your design visions reality!

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The ultimate connector to the hospitality design industry, the Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo) is the premier show for the hospitality industry. The three-day event brings together over 10,000 designers, architects, hotel owners and operators, developers, specifiers and purchasers with more than 800 hospitality design manufacturers and product providers.

Fabrics and Furnishings International, F&FI News – Summer 2015

Softex Imports YongShun Three Pass Blackout

Sofka, lining pioneer, is back in the business

LOS ANGELES, California – Softex Fabrics Inc. a long time player in the U.S. window covering business, is importing LITESAFE,® a new three pass blackout lining from YongShun China. The first shipment was shown at the Hospitality Design show in Las Vegas in May by Fabtex and Jay Dash International.


John Sofka, Principal at Softex, started doing Business 45 years ago as a convertor of drapery linings and says that he “developed the very first coated blackout lining!” Sofka sees a new opportunity to compete in the sizeable blackout market that he estimates to be at over 90 million yards annually. Blackout Lining is a fundamental product sold through manufacturers-workrooms-converters and jobbers in the USA.

“Three pass coating technology has elevated itself in the past few years and the YongShun Mill has made the necessary investment in this technology”, Sofka says. The mill is vertical yarn forward to finishing and printing, Sofka adds. The new linings were developed in conjunction, with YongShun and manufactured in its Allbright Home Textile Division. YongShun is a $70 Million Dollar Textile Company, based in Shaoxing, China. YongShun was founded in 1995 by the Hu Family, Guo Rong Shang and his wife, Xiao Ping Hu. Mrs. Hu is now Chief Operating Officer.

The three divisions of YongShun are as follows : Zhejiang YongShun Window Decorations Material Co., Ltd., a coating factory, which covers an area of 430,000 square feet. YongShun is also a shade cloth producer.

Zhejiang Allbright Home Textile Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is the home textile company. It includes product design, fabric weaving, transfer printing, embroidery and ready-made processing. It produces home textile fabrics and finished products including bedding sets, curtains, shower curtains. and cushions. The manufacturing area is 800,000 square feet.

Zhejiang Hotearn Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD. is a home textile fabric color dyeing and printing company. The company contains two separate branch plants for dying and printing. The manufacturing area is about 1.5 million square feet.

The Allbright Division of YongShun which produces the blackout, also has substantial dobby and jacquard capability which Softex hopes to bring to the USA market in the near future.

In addition to the Allbright Division, YongShun has a print division titled “Hoteam “. This division offers digital, rotary screen and flat bed screen print capability. “Hoteam is also capable of printing its own paper in-house for its heat transfer print option,” Sotka says. Printing widths include: 54-72-118 inches and are available in all methods.

The new blackout fabric is produced under the LITESAFE® Brand name developed by Softex. Sofka says the blackout is available FR or non FR; is water repellant, and approved as a base for printing either transfer, digital or screen. “The three pass coating utilizes the newest combination of poly acrylic foam which is then enhanced with a Focking to give it a softer cotton like hand,” Sofka points out. “This finish allows workrooms time saving sewing steps in production,” he adds.

In addition to YongShun, Softex also represents weaving from Mexico through its association with Corporativo Atelier and Rahga Mills based in Mexico City.

Fabrics and Furnishings International, C/H News – Summer 2015

Corrugated Box King Michael Feterik Buys Fabtex, Inc. from Robert Snyder


DANVILLE, Pennsylvania – Michael Feterik, who made his fortune in the corrugated box industry. has purchased Fabtex,Inc., considered to be the largest fabricator of hospitality industry bedding and window treatments in the USA with $50 million in sales.

“However, Feterik expects to build this business to $300 million through growth and acquisition of supply chain vendors and competitors,” according Adam Jurlin, newly named President of Fabtex. He was previously Vice President of Operations and will continue to focus on operations at Fabtex, he says. Jurlin, joined Fabtex three years ago to help find a buyer, he says.

Fabtex is also seeing a growth trend in hard window treatments in the hospitality industry, supplying motorized solar shades and other products. “Boutique hotel and casino owners want easily cleanable window treatments,” Jurlin says. “Right now our hard window treatment business is 15% of our total vs. 85% for draperies. The trend is moving more towards a 50/50 split. That’s why our investment in new manufacturing ways and expansion is a key component for Fabtex.”

As owner, Feterik has assumed the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the Danville, PA, based company specializing in hotels, healthcare, cruise lines and government. About 95 percent of the business is devoted to hospitality, Jurlin says.

Glenn Halterman, former CEO will also remain with Fabtex. Jurlin and Halterman are also partners with Feterik. The 300 employees are being retained with three manufacturing plants in Danville (corporate headquarters), Lumberton, NC and Orange, CA. Jurlin says.

Feterik’s announcement signals a major expansion strategy for the company. It also continues a consolidation process among vendors in the hospitality supply industry. Founded in 1986 by Robert Snyder, the former owner, “Fabtex has experienced recent rapid growth and is poised for further expansion”, according to Jurlin. Jurlin says Feterik’s ownership and leadership “is perfectly timed given Feterik’s many years of financial management and acquisition experience.”

A legend in the transportation, corrugated box and container industries, Feterik launched Orange County Container Group in 1981. Starting with only four employees, Feterik built Orange County Container Group into a $500 million business with more than 2, 700 employees.

Feterik has a BA in Business Administration from California State University Long Beach and an MA degree in Industrial Psychology and Counseling from the University of Michigan. He also is a former owner of the Canadian Football League (CFL) Calgary Stampeders of Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to fabricating proprietary hotel brands and its own exclusive lines of bedding, drapery, curtains and hardware, Fabtex has developed a host of related companies.

The Fabtex corporate family includes FabriLux, durable easycare luxury fabric; FabriViron, environmental fabrics; Pure Shade, motorized window treatment systems based on NASA solar science; the Coulisse/Fabtex collection of Euro designed shades; Spec-Tex, wide width textile solutions, and FabriSafe, powerful environmentally-safe microbe protection for textiles.

Coulisse, based in Enter, Nethertands, is an independent company which produces and imports hard window fabrics which it sells elusively through Fabtex in the USA. F&FI

Fabrics and Furnishings International, Front Page – Summer 2015

$100 Million Coulisse Expands Roller Shade Business in Americas with Unique, Fabtex

MD Jop Vos leads charge as hotel trade moves away from draperies alone

MIAMI, Florida – Coulisse B.V., a $100 million plus window coverings converter and hardware supplier, is capitalizing on the trend towards roller shades with a major expansion in the USA and South American markets.


Jop Vos, who joined Coulisse in 2006 covering the Eastern European market, relocated from his native Netherlands to the USA in 2011. He is now the Managing Director of Coulisse North America based in new offices on Brickell Key where he covers the USA and an increasingly important South American market. He reports to Morris Roetgering, one of the two principals based in Enter, The Netherlands, about an hour from Amsterdam.

There, Coulisse has a 170,000 square foot warehouse and design center which supplies 7,000 sku’s to the world market, shipping a container of window shades and mechanisms to the USA on a weekly basis. Coulisse says it has a motor solution for each of its 7,000 items, made mostly of 100 percent polyester, including TreviraCS as well as natural roller shades of jute, paper and linen. Coulisse also supplies blackout and light filtering shades. The company in its expanding export, effort, now has sales offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Guangshou, Taipei, Warsaw Poland and Moscow.

Coulisse also supplies jacquard fabric shades to its customers that coordinate with its Berlin collection of 119 solid colors. Prints are also a part of the offering too but more of the business today is done in plains and textures, Vos says. Coulisse deals with several different fabric and hardware suppliers worldwide to build its collections for the fabricator. Coulisse will also use its brand name or make private label for the customer depending on the situation.

Family Distributors Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, FL is distributing the Coulisse lines in the USA. This same company owns Unique Wholesale Distributors, Inc., a fabricator that is currently supplying some retail accounts in the USA. Fabtex, Danville, PA is another key fabricator for Coulisse, specializing in the hospitality industry that expects to cover as much as half of its windows with roller shades in the years ahead according to industry watchers. Coulisse also counts Lutron and Shades Online as two important customers in the US market.


Christiaan Roetgering founded the company in 1992 and his brother Morris who originally was an international trader, joined sometime after that. “We didn’t get into the roller shade business until 2000,” Vos says. “Initially, the company just followed the trends in window coverings filling the need for existing products with European do-it-yourself chains; then we decided to be a trend leader, getting more creative with hardware and fabrics.” With that decision, that’s when Couusse’s business really took off,” he figures.

To give an idea how the shade business has grown for Coulisse in the USA, Vas doubled sales in 2012 and grew the business another 20 percent in 2014. The company as a whole expects to produce $110 million in sales in 2015 with 84 percent of the business in Europe and the balru1ce of sales are going worldwide, Vas says. He points out that the fastest growing market is in the USA today, which is expected to account for 25 percent of company sales within five years time. Germany by the way, is the single biggest market for Coulisse, which has no less than 50 distributors showing its lines at Heimtextil Frankfurt each year.

Hospitality Industry News, Front Page – May 13, 2015

Fabtex and Coulisse Join in a Collaboration Driven by Ambition, Passion and Creative Innovation

What happens when a specialist in textiles for the hospitality market from the USA and a global brand in window coverings from the Netherlands join forces? Magic! The collaboration the two companies entered into earlier this year is not merely based on sharing expertise, know-how and experience. It is also, and foremost, a matter of shared DNA. The synergy between Fabtex and Coulisse makes the partnership a powerful one. With their combined expertise, shared passion and drive, they aim at exciting the market with inspiring, fast-forward window covering products suited for the hospitality market, of which their new joint collection is the first result.

Fabtex Owner Michael Feterik instantly felt that Fabtex and Coulisse could create something special together. Feterik said, “When I first met Coulisse, I recognized the same ambition and drive that is so typical for our company. In addition, they have the same focus on design and aesthetics as we do. This is not only reflected in their innovate, fast-forward product range, but also in their marketing. Their way of presenting their products makes window coverings exceed the product level. It elevates them from functional products to expressions of style, taste and uniqueness.”

Both Fabtex and Coulisse have over 20 years of experience in their dedicated industries. Fabtex has built a strong position in the hospitality market. Wellknown for their reputation as a quality manufacturer, Fabtex has focused on bringing value to their customers through the introduction of proprietary designs and products. Partnering with a company like Coulisse was a natural fit. Since its establishment in 1992, Coulisse has been on a mission to boast the market with new ideas. Their creativity and drive for innovation has allowed them to grow into a global one-stop-shop in the field of window coverings, known worldwide for its innovative products and aesthetic presentations, photography and marketing.

About the Collection

The first result of the collaboration is a fashionable window coverings collection for the hospitality and contract market that covers both functional and decorative requirements. This tailor made collection, which is available in the USA through Fabtex, includes roller shade fabrics with a natural textile look, delicate micro patterns and unique screen varieties. Also double roller shade fabrics, with natural and satin shine varieties and wooden and aluminum Venetian blinds with a design touch are part of the collection.

For more information, see,, or contact Fabtex at and visit Booth #3321.

HD Expo 2014 Success

Thank you everyone who participated in this years 2014 Hospitality Design Expo. Once again it was a great event, and for everyone who was able to stop by our booth, we were glad to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Show Booth Interior – Bedding, Draperies, Shades, and Blinds

For those of you we missed, the 2014 HD Expo saw the debut of the Fabtex Customer Resource Initiative. Every product we introduce, every improvement to our website,  every sampling tool we release, and all of our attention is focused on a very powerful principle: Fabtex must be a valuable resource for our customers.

View 2

Show Booth Exterior – String Panel Tracks

Fabtex introduced new products from our European partner companies that we are convinced are unlike anything you’ve seen before. This adds value by giving you and your customers even more options in design. We have debuted streamlined sampling collections, making the search for that perfect selection a “snap”.  We also provide that value through education about the products our customers order, because a more knowledgeable customer makes for a more satisfied customer – because they know what they want and will accept nothing less.

Keep watching for even more cutting edge improvements from Fabtex. We want your business.

Hospitality Industry News – May 14, 2014

The Fabtex Contract Collection by Coulisse: Comprehensive and Stylish

Coulisse is pleased to announce that they are introducing a comprehensive, functional yet stylish contract collection together with Fabtex, America’s largest fabricator of bed coverings and window treatments for hospitality, healthcare, government and cruise lines. The extensive collection contains a variety of fabrics suitable for roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds, high quality wooden Venetian blinds and eye catching XL Pleat blinds. The Fabtex Contract Collection embraces efficiency, quality, human and environmental friendliness with unique possibilities for creating atmosphere and style.

Hospitality Industry News – Fabtex Front Page

Christiaan Roetgering, founder of Coulisse, states: “Window decorations are more than just products: they are an expression of style and individuality. We want to exceed the functional level of the product in offering a new contemporary look so that shading can truly become an interior style element.” This has been Coulisse’s vision since its establishment in 1992, and it has helped to make the company a leading supplier of components for assemblers and wholesalers of made-to-measure products. Coulisse offers its clients a comprehensive range of products, from wooden Venetian blinds to roller blinds and from vertical blinds to pleated blinds. Thanks to a constant focus on innovation, creativity and flexibility, Coulisse is even capable of starting new trends and anticipating specific client needs. Coulisse products are developed in Enter, The Netherlands, and manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Christiaan Roetgering, likes to highlight the importance of the cooperation with Fabtex. “Together with our exclusive USA distributor, Family Distributors, our company is always looking for partners that could help us to fulfill our mission of bringing fashion to the window through a high-quality network of resellers. This search brought us to Fabtex Inc. “We share a passion for high-level window coverings and are dealing with the same market demands,” said Roetgering. By combining Fabtex’s insights and experience in the hospitality branch to our knowledge of window decoration, we feel that we could create a powerful combination of functionality and design and meet the needs of interior designers and architects for new decorative options in shading.”

The collection has been created in conjunction with the Coulisse design team and is based on the latest trends in interior design and fashion. Furthermore, the extensive range of roller, screen and XL Pleat fabrics perfectly covers functional demands like flame retardant, light filtering and damp-proof. The Fabtex Contract Collection combines the functional, technological and innovative aspects of shading with design and style, answering key needs of interior designers and architects alike for new decorative possibilities in interior shading.

The Fabtex Contract Collection will be available in the course of this summer and will be presented in an inspiring sampling tool with a unique look and feel, giving the opportunity to experience the texture, light filtering, color palette and technical specifications of the individual collection items.

For more information about Coulisse, please visit

For collection information or points of sale please contact Fabtex Inc.,

See full digital version here.

Press Release – May 2014

U.S. and European Window Fabric Leaders Collaborate to Serve the Hospitality Industry


A fashion and climate forward partnership, announced today (May 8, 2014) by U.S. and European fabric leaders Fabtex and Coulisse, may forever change the way the hospitality industry thinks about window treatments in the 21st Century.

Fabtex, America’s largest fabricator of bedding and window treatments for the hospitality and healthcare industries, and  Coulisse, the Netherlands-based leader in  Euro window fashion, believe  their extensive selection of contemporary designer fabrics and natural wood finishes for window coverings soon will  become the hospitality industry standard.

Ready to supply industry needs, from the most basic to the most sophisticated installations, Fabtex and Coulisse are introducing their collaborative Fabtex/Coulisse Contract Collection at the 2014 Hospitality Design Expo, May 14-16, 12014, Mandalay Bay Conference Center, Las Vegas.

Panel Shades in a Hotel Room

Coulisse, under the partnership
terms, will design the Contract Collection shade fabrics and wood blinds and Fabtex will fabricate them in the U.S. and install them as the exclusive Coulisse U.S. hospitality distributor.

The collection contains fabrics in an extensive color palette suitable for roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds.  The collection also will feature top-quality natural wood Venetian blinds and XL Pleat Blinds.

“Window decorations are more than just products, they are an expression of style and individuality.
We want to exceed the functional level in offering a new contemporary look so that shading can truly become an interior style element,” said Coulisse founder Christiaan Roetgering.

Fabtex, which also provides bedding and window treatments for healthcare and government, now offers both Coulisse and Pure Shade motorized window treatments, two of the most effective climate control product lines in the world.

Design Lobby Shading System

Hospitality and Design Expo 2014


Test drive the latest innovations from the hospitality industry’s textile manufacturing leader May 14-16 at the Fabtex Booth – 3211.

The Fabtex family of performance-driven companies is ready to show you innovative ways to give your property a lift, from break-through bedding and drapery designs to the most sophisticated European inspired shades.

Please join us at the 2014 Hospitality Design Conference, Mandalay Bay Conference Center.

Booth              3211
Phone              800-778-2791

Our new expanded FabriLux Collection of luxurious easy-care luxury fabrics is destined to be an industry classic. Take a look at our Nexus, Prestige, Genesis, Adagio, Trends and Essentials. They are beautiful and provide brilliant mix and match opportunities.

Shades are beyond trendy. The exciting variety of colors and textures now available in shades have made them the new design standards of the hospitality industry. Fabtex now offers Pure Shade manual and motorized roller shading systems.

While fabulous colors and textures are added annually to Fabtex products, our corporate commitment remains firmly planted in the color green.

Being a good steward of the textile industry and the world beyond are cornerstones of the Fabtex culture.

Join us as we continue our exciting 2014 journey at Mandalay Bay.

Lodging Hospitality, May 2012

Page 34

Back of the House – Innovation in Hotel Products and Services

Fabtex offers a range of guestroom bedding and drapery products made from its 100% polyester Prestige Fabrics. The company says the fabrics feature a subtle sheen that adds complexity to tone-on-tone patterns and colors and are suited for bed scarves, skirts, pillow shams, decorative pillows, window treatments and other accents.