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Hospitality Industry News – May 14, 2014

Hospitality Industry News – May 14, 2014

The Fabtex Contract Collection by Coulisse: Comprehensive and Stylish

Coulisse is pleased to announce that they are introducing a comprehensive, functional yet stylish contract collection together with Fabtex, America’s largest fabricator of bed coverings and window treatments for hospitality, healthcare, government and cruise lines. The extensive collection contains a variety of fabrics suitable for roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds, high quality wooden Venetian blinds and eye catching XL Pleat blinds. The Fabtex Contract Collection embraces efficiency, quality, human and environmental friendliness with unique possibilities for creating atmosphere and style.

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Christiaan Roetgering, founder of Coulisse, states: “Window decorations are more than just products: they are an expression of style and individuality. We want to exceed the functional level of the product in offering a new contemporary look so that shading can truly become an interior style element.” This has been Coulisse’s vision since its establishment in 1992, and it has helped to make the company a leading supplier of components for assemblers and wholesalers of made-to-measure products. Coulisse offers its clients a comprehensive range of products, from wooden Venetian blinds to roller blinds and from vertical blinds to pleated blinds. Thanks to a constant focus on innovation, creativity and flexibility, Coulisse is even capable of starting new trends and anticipating specific client needs. Coulisse products are developed in Enter, The Netherlands, and manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Christiaan Roetgering, likes to highlight the importance of the cooperation with Fabtex. “Together with our exclusive USA distributor, Family Distributors, our company is always looking for partners that could help us to fulfill our mission of bringing fashion to the window through a high-quality network of resellers. This search brought us to Fabtex Inc. “We share a passion for high-level window coverings and are dealing with the same market demands,” said Roetgering. By combining Fabtex’s insights and experience in the hospitality branch to our knowledge of window decoration, we feel that we could create a powerful combination of functionality and design and meet the needs of interior designers and architects for new decorative options in shading.”

The collection has been created in conjunction with the Coulisse design team and is based on the latest trends in interior design and fashion. Furthermore, the extensive range of roller, screen and XL Pleat fabrics perfectly covers functional demands like flame retardant, light filtering and damp-proof. The Fabtex Contract Collection combines the functional, technological and innovative aspects of shading with design and style, answering key needs of interior designers and architects alike for new decorative possibilities in interior shading.

The Fabtex Contract Collection will be available in the course of this summer and will be presented in an inspiring sampling tool with a unique look and feel, giving the opportunity to experience the texture, light filtering, color palette and technical specifications of the individual collection items.

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