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Hospitality Industry News, Front Page – May 13, 2015

Hospitality Industry News, Front Page – May 13, 2015

Fabtex and Coulisse Join in a Collaboration Driven by Ambition, Passion and Creative Innovation

What happens when a specialist in textiles for the hospitality market from the USA and a global brand in window coverings from the Netherlands join forces? Magic! The collaboration the two companies entered into earlier this year is not merely based on sharing expertise, know-how and experience. It is also, and foremost, a matter of shared DNA. The synergy between Fabtex and Coulisse makes the partnership a powerful one. With their combined expertise, shared passion and drive, they aim at exciting the market with inspiring, fast-forward window covering products suited for the hospitality market, of which their new joint collection is the first result.

Fabtex Owner Michael Feterik instantly felt that Fabtex and Coulisse could create something special together. Feterik said, “When I first met Coulisse, I recognized the same ambition and drive that is so typical for our company. In addition, they have the same focus on design and aesthetics as we do. This is not only reflected in their innovate, fast-forward product range, but also in their marketing. Their way of presenting their products makes window coverings exceed the product level. It elevates them from functional products to expressions of style, taste and uniqueness.”

Both Fabtex and Coulisse have over 20 years of experience in their dedicated industries. Fabtex has built a strong position in the hospitality market. Wellknown for their reputation as a quality manufacturer, Fabtex has focused on bringing value to their customers through the introduction of proprietary designs and products. Partnering with a company like Coulisse was a natural fit. Since its establishment in 1992, Coulisse has been on a mission to boast the market with new ideas. Their creativity and drive for innovation has allowed them to grow into a global one-stop-shop in the field of window coverings, known worldwide for its innovative products and aesthetic presentations, photography and marketing.

About the Collection

The first result of the collaboration is a fashionable window coverings collection for the hospitality and contract market that covers both functional and decorative requirements. This tailor made collection, which is available in the USA through Fabtex, includes roller shade fabrics with a natural textile look, delicate micro patterns and unique screen varieties. Also double roller shade fabrics, with natural and satin shine varieties and wooden and aluminum Venetian blinds with a design touch are part of the collection.

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