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Fabtex Holds Annual Nat’l Sales Meeting

Fabtex Holds Annual Nat’l Sales Meeting

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Fabtex Inc. held its National Sales Meeting during the HD Expo in Las Vegas. The annual meeting was attended by approximately 40 sales representatives and various Fabtex employees and executives.

Michael Feterik, chairman and CEO of Fabtex, Inc., commenced the meeting by thanking everyone for their hardwork, efforts and dedication to Fabtex. Feterik went on to discuss the current state of Fabtex, how to build prosperous and lasting relationships and the importance of being proactive.

Fabtex, Inc. Michael Feterik, chairman and CEO, Christina Caravello, VP of Operations, Sheila Sudra, Sales Manager and Kevin Feterik, Vice President at the 2017 HD Expo in Vegas.

Each year the annual meeting focuses on improving the sales strategy process and how sales representatives interact or communicate with clients. This year’s meeting was mainly focused on project tracker and manufacturing lead times.

“Sales reps have been very engaged in learning how they can improve their support to us and managing expectations to the customers,” said Christina Caravello, Fabtex, Inc. Vice President of Operations.

Project tracker allows sales representatives to monitor and track sales orders from start to finish to assure accuracy, updates, approvals and completions during different phases of the process.

Caravello also expressed the importance of manufacturing lead times.

Dave Deters, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, speaks at the 2017 Fabtex, Inc. National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

“Everyone has an impact on our lead times, including the Sales department, starting with the quote’s accuracy, down to the shipping department verifying all has shipped,” said Caravello.

Typically, lead time starts from the receipt of fabric, measures and/or prototype approval.

Dave Deters, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, who was also in attendance expressed the importance of being proactive by being over prepared, before and during the sales process.

“We should be prepared for every question and situation. The more resources, tools and information we have make it easier and more convenient when it comes to satisfying client needs,” said Deters.

Deters believes being a ‘jack of all trades’ is key to Fabtex sales representatives continued success.