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Since we own the manufacturing process from beginning to end, we control each step of production and have, for decades, built a reputation of shipping out timely and quality deliveries. This project timeline may vary from time to time but it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Path Start
Get a Quote
Email quotes@fabtex.com
  • Expect a response within 1 business day
  • Most quotes are via email so add Fabtex to your contacts list. Check your Spam Folder if you don't hear from us.
What to prepare:
  • Property name & address
  • Room numbers (for returning clients)
  • Floor plans & elevations (for new clients)
  • ADA room list
  • Rough measures & quantities
  • Phasing info
  • For custom prints, attach design/inspiration
  • Let us know if you’re using your own material
Not sure how to measure? No worries, your dedicated Fabtex quoter will send you a form to fill out Once we get all your information, you'll get a final quote within 3 working days. Quotes are usually valid for 2 weeks. After this, please check with your quoter if it needs to be updated.
3 days
Purchase Order & Approval
You can send your approval by signing the quote and/or sending a Purchase Order (PO) to your quoter. You will then receive instructions on how to submit your deposit. Both the PO/signed quote and deposit are needed to start your project. Once your order is officially received, you will then be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be your main point of contact until your project is completed. This process takes about 3 days.
2 Weeks
Property Measure
If you signed up for property measure, we can schedule a measurement crew to your location in about 2 weeks. It just takes 1 day to measure a property. You can opt out of this service and provide your own measurements by signing a measure waiver form. Note: After we receive the measurements, your quote will be revised to reflect such. This is the only time the pricing may change for your project (excluding shipping costs).
1 Day
2 Weeks
Model Room Build
If you signed up for a model (or proto) room build, it will take us another 2 weeks to schedule and complete this from the time we received your measurements. It takes 1-2 days to build a model room. You can opt out of this service by signing a proto waiver form.
1-2 Days
Order Production
Mass production of your order, including quality control, takes about 4 to 6 weeks from your approval. Unless we have a special arrangement, full payment of your order’s balance is usually needed before goods are shipped out. For in-stock items, lead times can be shorter.
4-6 Weeks
Goods Shipped
Our logistics crew will keep Project Managers up to date on your order’s status and arrival to the property, so you’re assured everything’s on schedule. Goods can also be shipped in phases based on your requirements.
2 Weeks
Also an optional service, we have a certified installation crew that installs our products perfectly. We also have takedown services for renovations, and can install in phases. If installing on your own, we have downloadable guides and installation videos available in our brand portal and installer website.
Typical Project Completion

10 - 12 Weeks

* Subject to change with notice