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About Hospitality

Fabtex works closely with the finest branded international hotels to produce bedding and drapery with strict adherence to corporate standards for this approved decor.

Hotel guests have their flat screen TVs, WIFI and chargers, but there's still something missing. It's that wonderful sinking feeling. Softgoods have never been more important. Guests want to snuggle into coziness and cushiness after a day of airport travel, business meetings or touring. Hotel industry designers and researchers understand fabrics tell the story when transforming a hotel room into a homey retreat. Only fabrics can deliver warmer, comfier and more competitive homelike environments for their customers.

Fabtex, the master bedding/drapery designer and fabricator, puts it all together with its inspired Nexus Series and other popular designer groups: Genesis, Prestige, Concerto, EuroFive, Quartet, Decorative Top Sheets and Symphony. All Fabtex fabrics are easy care and meet or exceed hospitality industry specifications.